Massachusetts Department of Public Health

1736 Purchase St.
New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508)991-6199 | Fax: (508)984-0605

About this Location

The Department of Public Health believes in the power of prevention. Working to help people reach their full potential for health by ensuring that the Commonwealth receive quality health care and live in a safe and healthy environment by building partnerships to maximize access to affordable, high quality health care. The Department of Public Health empowers the community to help themselves and to be able to protect, preserve and improve the health of all the Commonwealth's residents.

Specialties and Services


Service Settings


  • Community Resources and Supportive Services

Evidence-Based Treatments and Special Programs

  • Manage community-based programs for the prevention and treatment of addiction to alcohol
  • tobacco and other drugs
  • Educate and train people on the prevention and control infectious disease
  • Coordinate services and care for children with special health needs
  • Provide education and peer to peer support for families of children with special health needs
  • Work with health care providers to ensure compliance with standards for control of vaccine-preventable disease
  • Provide follow-up services for people with sexually transmitted infections
  • Manage community-based programs that provide early intervention services for children with developmental delays
  • Support family who are transitioning from public assistance by facilitating employment
  • Housing and pscyhosocial services


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Referral and Intake Process

Referral Process

Intake Process

Eligibility and Insurance


Other Elgibility Criteria:


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